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The Best Careers to Study While Working


Thinking of combining your current job with studying a university degree? If your answer is positive and you're in search of improvement and professional growth, then it's necessary that you know the best careers to study while you work.

Of course, you should know that not only do you have to find an academic option that matches your talents, interests and goals, but it's also important that you opt for a study modality that's related to your lifestyle.

An example of this is executive degrees, which have flexible hours and modular study plans, which means that you should only take a couple of subjects at the same time to facilitate understanding.

5 Good Careers to Study While You Work

All right! Now, it's time for us to talk about the best careers to study while you work, don't stop reading!

1. Business Administration

This is one of the perfect academic offerings for young workers.

If you already have work experience and know certain aspects about the operation of companies, this degree will help you to expand your field of action and have the possibility of accessing positions of greater responsibility.

And it's that the career of Business Administration trains professionals capable of increasing the productivity and performance of companies comprehensively, making their operations more profitable and organized.

By completing this bachelor's degree, you'll acquire solid knowledge of finance, which will allow you to assess the cash flow of companies and identify financing needs to increase productive capacity.

In addition, the Executive Bachelor of Business Administration also addresses other key areas of companies, such as:

- Marketing.
- Human Resources.
- Administration of technological resources.

In addition to this, a good study plan for this degree program includes subjects related to leadership and business management in general, including Management Skills and Information Management.

2. Psychology

If you're passionate about evaluating and understanding people's mental processes and behavior, studying Psychology can be a good alternative for you.

Thanks to this career you'll learn to attend to and solve the psychological problems that arise in society.

In addition to providing your services to people with different characteristics and families, Psychology professionals also work within commercial companies.

If you're pursuing this executive degree, you'll have the possibility of working as a labor psychologist, a position that consists of analyzing the degree of satisfaction of people with their employment and the relationship they have with their work environment.

Therefore, it's another academic option that can help you obtain a position of greater responsibility in the company in which you currently work and have more attractive opportunities to develop professionally.

3. Pedagogy

This executive degree is in charge of studying and analyzing the methodologies and techniques that are applied during the teaching and learning processes.

The studies of this career have a greater orientation towards the education of children and adolescents, although it covers all levels and due to this, you'll be able to work in any of them.

Designing training programs and identifying the needs of students are some of the tasks of these professionals.

In addition, you can also collaborate in companies of different fields supporting in the creation of programs to prepare employees to carry out their activities in an optimal way, as well as in research centers where you'll have the opportunity to contribute positively in the field of education.

If you find these features exciting, great! That means that Pedagogy can be your true vocation.

4. Industrial Engineering

This is another of the best careers to study while you work, as it will significantly increase your skills and knowledge of the business world.

If you choose this executive degree, you'll learn to evaluate, direct and improve the production processes of companies.

Among other things, it will allow you to be in charge of verifying the quality of products and ensuring the safety of workers in their work environment, as well as increasing the profitability of companies regardless of their line of business or size.

As you can see, it's an academic option that can greatly complement the experience you have.

5. Public Accounting

Another academic option that may be ideal for you if you want to grow professionally is the executive degree in Public Accounting.

This career will enable you to effectively manage the numbers of a company, thanks to the fact that its academic plan includes subjects that will train you in the fiscal, financial, legal and accounting aspects of business.

Some examples of the chairs you'll take are: Costs, Budgets, Corporate Finance, Accounting Process, Electronic Commerce, Contributions, among others.

Without a doubt, this academic option will provide you with the necessary knowledge for you to successfully operate in organizations from all sectors and consultancies, as well as to start your own business.

That's all! These are 5 of the best careers to study while working. Thanks to these you can accelerate your professional and personal growth, and meet other goals you have for your future, such as the construction of an estate, for example.

Now, what follows is that you evaluate which of the degrees that we talk about in this material best matches your tastes, skills and abilities.

Always keep in mind that the academic alternative you choose will become part of your lifestyle and will influence the type of opportunities you'll be able to access upon graduation, so take the time to decide which is the most convenient for you.

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