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The Content of a Good Job Description


Many managers are faced with the challenge of redesigning existing functions in order to improve efficiency. A number of tips to arrive at a good job description.

In the long term, changes within organizations also lead to new positions or a different interpretation of existing positions. It may therefore be necessary to critically review and renew the job description. Employees can often explain in detail how their position differs from the job description on paper, what can be improved and how. It's therefore wise to consult employees for updating job descriptions.

The content conditions for a good job description

The main purpose of job description is to carefully put down on paper the work, competencies and responsibilities that go with a job. Moreover, because job descriptions form the basis for a personnel planning (tool), it's also important that they are current. In addition, they still have to meet a number of conditions.

A job description must:

- take into account future developments and are therefore not only geared to the current situation.
- be attuned to the other functions so that a unity is created so that the functions can be compared well and the mutual coherence is clear.
- must be in line with the collective agreement. Therefore, use reference functions as a guideline.
- describe the essence of the function briefly and forcefully. A detailed description of details makes it unclear.

In addition to a brief and concise description of the duties, responsibilities and powers, it contains a description of the job or selection requirements, any individual employment conditions and the position of the job within the organization (who is the manager, to which team or which department belongs) the position, with whom does internal and external collaboration work?).

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