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Why is a Work Contract


The Importance of Work Contracts

To formally establish a labor link between the company and the employee, it's necessary to sign an employment contract. Why do it? In the first place, this document establishes in writing the commitments that both parties acquire, therefore, neither can stop stamping their rubric, otherwise it would be invalid. In a contract, all the verbally agreed conditions must be expressed when negotiating the incorporation into the company. By signing, on the one hand, the worker recognizes his responsibilities as the schedule in which he must provide his services, as well as the tasks or activities that he must exercise; while for the counterpart, the employer, with his rubric agrees to pay an amount of money for the services provided by the employee.

While these details are important, they are not the only ones, since within a labor contract there are also a series of agreements that are supported. One of them is the trial period. This stage serves for both parties to “get to know each other”, since during that time the employee can know more in detail their responsibilities, the work environment generated by the organization and the demands of the position, among other things.

The company, through the test period, has the opportunity to know how the contracted person responds, according to the operational needs. The response is expected to be positive, since time and resources are invested in the process of hiring a person. The trial period can't be longer than six months and during that time the person has the same rights and obligations as the other colleagues who work in the company. During this time of "acclimatization", either party may terminate the employment relationship without claiming any cause or issuing prior notice, unless the contract has been agreed.


As for the types of employment contract, there is a considerable amount of them. The indefinite type doesn't set a time limit for the employee to perform paid work. The employment contract for training seeks that the worker acquires theoretical and practical training necessary to adequately fulfill a job or the work of a job that demands a certain degree of capacity. The fixed term is an employment contract that establishes a time limit for the performance of the agreed functions clearly and precisely, in days that can be full or part time.

When a person with a disability enters the work ranks of a company, they must sign a contract that facilitates their labor integration. Through this, the company is obliged to provide job stability, and in a situation of dismissal must be replaced by other workers with disabilities. Whatever the contract that is signed, in these the rights to promotion or promotion must be clearly established, not to be discriminated against, to receive respect for physical integrity and privacy and to promptly receive the agreed remuneration, among others. Another detail to take into account is that the employers don't always sign the owners of the companies, because sometimes the managers or directors of human resources do so but this doesn't detract from the validity of what is stipulated therein.

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