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Why are Job Duties


In the same way that we have seen that workers enjoy a set of rights within the labor world, they also have to follow some guidelines and have duties within the world of work. Their duties, like their rights, are very extensive and exceed the format of a post, so we will talk about their basic essential duties.

A worker subject to an employment contract must comply with the obligations inherent to the job he performs. The explanation of these obligations is usually reflected in the employment contract that the member of the organization signs when joining it.

For some time this part, with the importance that is being given to the prevention of occupational hazards and occupational hygiene, the worker must follow the rules that the company has established on these two individuals.

Employees of an organization also have to respect the hierarchical organization chart that exists in the organization, so they will have to faithfully follow the instructions and orders of their superiors and the employer who has hired them.

In those cases in which the exclusive dedication of the worker appears explicitly fixed in the contract of the worker, he will have to refrain from having another paid work occupation that collides with the company that has hired him.

The worker hired by a company will have to develop their work in a way that puts all their skills in the benefit of the company trying at all times to achieve an increase in productivity both in their specific job and in the company in their set.

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