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These 5 Secrets Make Your Job Search Easier


It isn't always easy to take the next career move. The search for a new job can take a long time and is accompanied by highs and lows. While you can't always avoid disappointments, successful job seekers have a few things in common.

Here are five tips to keep in mind:

1. Know yourself

Know your strengths and your main drivers. What are you particularly good at,and what motivates you to perform well? Self-knowledge is important to bring out your strengths effectively and to find the job that matches your experience, expertise and expectations.

2. Be well organized

A successful job search starts with a strategy, organization and purpose. Try to outline clear tasks and milestones. For example, set daily or weekly goals for writing new contacts and sending applications. Write down application deadlines and keep track of which applications you sent and which organizations you contacted. Also keep information such as job openings, job descriptions, and candidate profiles that you may need to refer to later.

3. Ask for help

Everyone needs help every now and then. Use your existing network to identify new opportunities and, where possible, get yourself introduced. Ask about future vacancies and approach former colleagues or managers to see if they can refer or recommend you.

You can also consider registering with a recruitment and selection agency. Specialist recruitment consultants have the experience, contacts in the sector and specialist market knowledge to give your search a boost. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your search in detail with one of our consultants.

4. Find your way around the internet

The Internet offers countless channels and opportunities that can help you find a job. Make your resume available online and explore all relevant job boards. Social media can also be a good tool, so follow organizations that interest you on Twitter and keep a complete and detailed LinkedIn profile. In addition, keep an eye on your online presence, ensure that your security settings are correct and that your public profile doesn't deter a potential employer.

5. Everything revolves around your institution

It's easier said than done, but try to maintain a positive and motivated attitude during your search. Learn from any rejections, but don't let your confidence suffer. During the job interview, your personality and attitude are examined just as closely as your skills. Therefore, make sure you smile and have a positive, cheerful appearance.

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