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Three Tips to Get a Successful Career


You have seen a nice job, but a voice inside says: "I certainly cannot."

While you may have the knowledge or skills. Nine times out of ten, a lack of confidence gets in the way of your career. Time to silence that voice and grab your chance. Using these three tips:

1. Discard your fear

Did you know that the fear of failure is many times greater than the fear of spiders or the paranormal? It's so easy to develop a doomsday scenario in your head, where you mainly see what can go wrong. Try an approach from the other side: rise to the challenge and grow. What can really happen? That you make it a success? Or that it's disappointing? In both cases you grow and you can ask yourself the question: What happened and how can I use it in my further career.

2. Focus on improvement, not results

Progress is more important than numbers. Just like with a diet: don't look at the scales every day to see how many pounds are off, but think every day whether you've been exercising enough or drinking water.

You do the same with your job: have you learned anything today that you can use to progress?

3. Do something you find scary

Everyone sometimes goes off. Whether in love, with a job application or during your work. Bales are allowed, but then the trick is to let it slide off you. Keep doing things that are exciting, such as answering a question you don't know the answer to. Or take on a new task, even if you have little experience in it.

Keep the negative voice in your head small and you'll see that your career is taking off.

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