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Tips for a Good CV Resume


Okay, you've seen a super cool job opening and made the decision: You're going to apply. But then the courage actually drops in your shoes again right away... the last time you looked at your resume was a long time ago. Your CV resume is as basic as it can be.

Don't worry! I've got your back. Soon more, but you'll hear more about that later!

For now I have tips for you that will make your CV stand out!


First or all; content. It must of course be correct, be up to date and legible!

First I would just start typing. Which info do you want in your CV? First collect all this, the layout will come later.

- Personal Details
- A short description about yourself. Who are you?
- Studies
- Work experience
- Other activities
- Skills and other matters

Try to keep the content of your resume relevant. This means that you can probably omit that part-time job in the supermarket from 10 years ago that you did in addition to high school. But also make sure that there are no gaps in your resume recently. This will cause questions to the person who sees your resume.

You also keep secondary activities and skills relevant.

For your studies you indicate whether you have obtained a diploma (you can also state a propaedeutic year).

The short description about yourself keeps you really short. These are 2-4 sentences, no more than 5 lines. Here you outline a picture of who you're and what you can do. Try to arouse interest in your CV here.

Your e-mail address can't be the e-mail address from your high school! Please provide a professional email address. For example, something like But no crazy nicknames, MSN language or something like that. That's really not done.

Okay the information you have now collected is all correct and up to date. For the most relevant work experience, the one you're most proud of, give a brief explanation of what you have done and / or achieved.

Basically keeps your entire resume short and relevant. The person who reads your resume has probably received another 100 and doesn't want to read 101 resumes of 5 pages. So try to keep it on a maximum of 2 pages.

Make sure your resume is legible. This means: correct spelling and everything aligned to the left. If you're not entirely sure of your own spelling arts, ask someone else to look at it. You can sometimes be blind to your own mistakes and I'm sure you can find someone who wants to put a few minutes of his time into your application.


Okay your content is now completely correct, you know what will come in and you have already worked this out. They are short, relevant texts and have no spelling errors.

First make sure you add a picture of yourself. This is of course not a photo that you took in the pub last weekend, but a professional photo. You can laugh, it doesn't have to be a passport photo for your driver's license. But make sure you have a light, representative, neat photo. You add this to your personal details, so that they immediately have an image with you.

Next, add headers and subheads. This way you create an overview in your resume and someone can quickly scan for the information he / she wants. An accent color can also do a lot. For example, you can do the headlines in accent color, or words / properties that you want to emphasize.

You can of course indicate how well you possess a certain skill or characteristic by, for example, the words moderate, sufficient and good. But how nice is it if you use, for example, stars (5 stars = excellent)? Or a loading bar. There are really many ideas and examples of what is possible. Maybe you can even focus on the company or the position you're applying for. Google images on 'cv 2018', 'cv 2019' or Google on 'cv trends' and you'll find many examples.

As I indicated, I will soon be sharing something very nice about creating a resume, so make sure you keep an eye on my website and social media so as not to miss it!

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