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9 Tips to Improve a Cover Letter


Generally we spend much more time in the realization of our resume than in our cover letter . But the cover letter is as important as the resume.Its function is to introduce us and succinctly introduce our candidacy. This is why we must pay close attention to it.

Are you looking for a job? Then remember that your cover letter is your "entry passport" in the company you want. It's your instrument to express your motivation and your interest in a job offer.

Improve your cover letter by avoiding most common mistakes

1. Don't check for misspellings

There is nothing worse than misspellings or inappropriate vocabulary in a cover letter. It's very important to take care of them. They discredit you in front of the recruiter. Always try to use at least one spell checker for common mistakes. For the others, don't hesitate to have your letter read to other people, two eyes are worth more than one. But above all, watch the spelling of the recruiter or company name. Take the time to check them out!

2. Not adapting the letter to the company and the position offered.

You cannot just write “I am registering for the reference position”. You have to adapt the cover letter to each position and each company, specify which position you're applying for, or indicate its reference. It seems simple but when sending a multitude of letters to different companies and positions, few people do it. Change two lines and stand out from the rest of the candidates.

3. Do not adapt the letter to the tone of the offer and its requirements.

You have to try not to make a generic letter. In addition to customizing the title of the position, you'll have to adjust your wording to the offer. Focus on the tone , the elements of the function to be developed and the profile sought . Use the same terms as those that appear in the ad and show that your personal characteristics match the profile of the position you're applying for. This will give the feeling that the recruiter and you're on the same line.

4. Do not write the letter in the same language as the job offer

It's much better to write the letter in the same language in which the job offer is written, especially if that language is required in the offer. That way you'll make your linguistic conditions clear.

5. Write a long and heavy letter

You should never confuse cover letter with the book of your life. Not everything is told in a cover letter. It must be clear, orderly and concise. It's always better to put short and simple sentences. It should not take up more than one page.

6. Repeat concepts / content of your resume

Do not confuse the resume with the cover letter. One isn't the redacted version of the other. If the information will already be detailed in the resume, we don't need to describe it here in the cover letter. Do not repeat what already appears in the resume, but highlight what you consider most remarkable.

7. Do not add value to your application

Do not write the cover letter just because. You have to attract attention , make a difference with the other applicants for the position. Remember that your goal is to get a personal interview .

8. Not organizing your letter for easy reading

You have to organize the letter in a way that is very coherent, understandable and understandable. Use short, separate paragraphs . The reader of your letter, your recruiter, must visually and quickly identify the points that interest him.

9. Mention your Hobbies

Your hobbies aren't interesting unless they are related to the job or support your candidacy.

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