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How to Choose a Good Resume Template


Which resume template should I choose? how to know it's good for me?

This is a question we regularly receive from people who are looking for a resume template on our website. Unfortunately, it's often not possible to provide an answer immediately. Which resume template suits you best depends on different circumstances. The four questions below can help you determine the right resume template for you.

Do you have MS Office 2007 (or a newer version) on your computer? Are you familiar with the Word or PowerPoint program?

All our resume templates can be edited in the Word and PowerPoint programs of the MS Office program package. When you order a resume template, you get the resume template in both program versions. It's therefore necessary to have MS Office installed on your computer. Editing the templates in Word or PowerPoint isn't difficult, all files can be fully edited. However, if you're not familiar with the basic functionalities of Word or PowerPoint, editing can become a challenging job. In that case it might be better to opt for an online resume editor instead of separate resume template files.

In which field are you looking for a job?

When you choose a resume template, it's important to take into account the type of work you're going to do in your future job. Creativity is very important in one work field, while in another work field it's important that you're very accurate. This also determines the type of resume template that fits your field of work, do you opt for a colorful creative template or for a clear formal template.

Which company will you apply for?

The corporate culture of the company where you're applying is also something to take into account when choosing the resume template. The corporate culture of a company is reflected in the way in which the company itself communicates, for example in advertisements, on the website or on social media. Some companies keep their communication very formal, while other companies communicate very informally. Make sure you adjust your application, and therefore your resume template, to the communication style of the company.

What suits your personality?

Choose a resume template that fits your personality. The way you communicate (indirectly with the design of your resume, for example) creates certain expectations about your personality. If this doesn't match, it can cause confusion when you're at a later stage of a job interview. If you're very calm yourself, choose a somewhat quieter, more formal design. If you're very extroverted and creative, you can choose a more creative design.

What do you like yourself?

Finally, you can of course ask yourself "What do I find beautiful?". Choose a resume template that gives you a good feeling about it.

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