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Career coaching is a service provision that is aimed at supporting people in determining the course of their career. Career coaching can be offered as a route by a career coach. This person is a specialist in guiding people with regard to career issues. In addition to career coaches, other people can also guide career coaching programs. This could include personnel officers, career counselors, career advisers, deans and training advisors.

For whom is career coaching intended?

Career coaching can be offered to different people. Roughly speaking, people who use career coaching can be divided into three groups: students & starters on the labor market, employees and the unemployed. These three groups are described below.

Students & starters on the labor market

The group of students and starters on the labor market is at the start of their career. People who belong to this group usually have hardly any work experience and still have to look into their future. A career coach can play an important role for this group in concretising the study choice or career choice. Providing information about training and professions is of great importance for the image that this group of people can form about their own career. This professional image is a basis for the further choices and steps that people take in their career.


Employees have work experience and are also in possession of various training courses. This experience provides an important frame of reference that will be used for further career choices. A career coach will be able to get different career issues from employees. For example, employees may be bored with their current profession or field. In addition, employees can also consider growing or specializing. A career coach can offer employees important support in resolving these issues. Career coaches can be present within a company where the employee works. For example, the personnel officer can take on the role of career coach. However, the personnel officer is bound to the organization where the employee works. As a result, career coaching will never be entirely objective. Some employees therefore choose to approach an external career coach with their issues.


People who belong to the labor force and who have no work are also called unemployed. These people have usually had work and are in possession of training. Their employment with their last employer was terminated for various reasons. However, they do take the experience they have gained from their employer (s) into their further career. The work experience is on the resume. However, unemployed people can become uncertain about their career. Do they want to continue with the same career direction or do they want to do something else? These are important questions that unemployed job seekers will ask themselves. A career coach can offer important support in this regard.

What does a career coach do?

A career coach will try to solve career issues together with his or her client. The career coach assumes the role of a coach. This means that the career coach itself will not solve the problems and issues. Instead, he or she supports the client in resolving the issues. The client must also play an active role in this. The final decision on the course of the career lies with the client himself. The career coach draws up a career program together with the client. This contains various steps that are required to clarify the career question or career questions. In addition, various activities are mentioned that the client could undertake to solve the career question (s). The client will have various guidance discussions with the career coach during the career trajectory. The paragraph below provides more information about the content of career counseling pathways.

What does a career guidance process consist of?

Career guidance processes are tailor-made. This customization is necessary because career issues differ. In addition, the backgrounds of the clients who participate in career guidance programs are different. Despite the difference in the content and course of these programs, most career guidance programs consist of the following components:

  • Realizing career demand or career issues.
  • Investigating own knowledge, skills and competences.
  • Labor market research. Attention can also be paid to social media, job sites and other media in which job openings can be found.
  • If necessary, focus on training that increases the possibilities on the labor market.
  • Job application skills such as writing letters and drawing up a CV.
  • Training with regard to conducting job interviews.

The career coach offers support to the client during the career counseling process in resolving the career issue. The actual efforts are made by the client himself. The client evaluates the results of his or her efforts with the career coach. If necessary, the career coach adjusts the career guidance process.

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