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Job Board


A job board is a physical or digital board on which vacancies or jobs are published. Job board is an English term that can be translated into Dutch with the words 'work' and 'board'. This makes it clear that work in the sense of jobs is displayed on this board. In practice, this means that a job board is used to show job openings to a specific audience.

Job boards

In the past, vacancies were usually hung on a sign so that a passerby or a job seeker at an employment agency or employment agency could see which vacancies were open. Nowadays job boards can mainly be found digitally. Someone used to walk into a job center to look for vacancies in the area. The job boards that were used often showed vacancies from the region. Later on, card boxes with job vacancies were also published in which people could search more specifically. These card trays became more and more extensive, but the physical job boards remained.

When the digital job boards came in, a lot changed. People could now look for vacancies at home. As a result, the search area was considerably expanded and, moreover, many more results were shown when looking for vacancies. This means that job boards have been transformed into large websites with job openings. These vacancies are by no means all displayed in one overview. Instead, job boards contain search functions in which job seekers can search specifically for a specific function.

In this way, job seekers can find a job that suits them more quickly. Over time, the digital job boards have become more professional and the search functions have been expanded. On a job board, job seekers can now indicate more specifically what kind of work they are looking for and in which region they want to find a vacancy. The results of the search have therefore become more relevant for the job seeker. That is also necessary because the job boards reach an ever larger audience.

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