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Job Vacancy


A vacancy is a vacant workplace within a company, organization, government institution or other employer that is active on the labor market. The word "vacant" means released or available. In short, a vacancy is an available workplace to which job seekers can apply. Vacancies can be opened for candidates by various companies and organizations. The vacancies usually set clear job requirements and competencies that applicants must meet in order to actually qualify for the available job. Below you can read more about vacancies.

Internal or external vacancy

Vacancies can be posted internally or externally. An internal is opened within the company itself. Through its intranet or other internal network, the company's own staff and possibly the flexible staff are informed of the vacant workplace. Through an internal vacancy, the company hopes that employees from its own company will apply for the position.

Vacancies can also be opened externally. A vacancy that is opened externally is visible to a wide audience on the labor market. Not only the internal staff of the company can apply for the external vacancy, but also external parties can and may submit their application to the company. For publishing external job openings, companies often use additional media channels or engage other companies and job boards to reach the largest possible audience. You can read more about this in the paragraph below.

Publishing vacancies

Companies and organizations can show their vacancies to the public in various ways. In the past, vacancies were mainly shown in newspapers and newspapers, but this is nowadays considered traditional and not very effective. Instead, much communication nowadays takes place through the internet. This means that companies display their vacancies on their own website, but also on general job boards where several companies make their vacancies visible.

How do vacancies arise?

Vacancies may arise due to various developments. A company can grow, making extra jobs available. Then companies open vacancies if they cannot fill in the available jobs immediately. Job vacancies can also arise if staff leave the company or if work contacts are not extended and the employment of staff ends. Vacant jobs can also arise when staff retire. Even then vacancies can be opened.

What makes vacancies disappear?

Vacancies can also disappear from the labor market. This is possible, for example, when the company has found a suitable internal or external candidate or candidate for the vacancy. A vacancy can also be withdrawn if the company is less busy or can spread the workload among the other staff. Even with austerity or a budget shortage, a company can decide to remove a vacancy from the labor market.

Vacancies at temporary employment agencies

Temporary employment agencies publish many vacancies. In most cases, these are vacancies that they receive from their clients. The clients are regular companies that ask temporary employment agencies if they want to support them in finding suitable temporary, flexible staff. Headhunters can also be involved if companies themselves are insufficiently able to find a suitable candidate for their vacancy. Usually a head hunter searches for a candidate based on takeover against a recruitment and selection fee. This recruitment and selection fee is then paid by the client when the headhunter hands over a suitable candidate to the client. Temporary employment agencies settle the costs for their employment in the hourly rate of the temporary worker.

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