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What is a Targeted Resume


When writing a resume to apply for several job offers or as part of a spontaneous application, we are often tempted to create a curriculum vitae as general as possible to stick to all opportunities. This is a mistake! Indeed, to put the odds on your side and get the job of your dreams, each resume must be adapted to the job offer or the company to which you are applying.

What is a targeted or personalized resume?

To write a targeted resume, it's above all to personalize it so that it answers at best to the job offer to which you want to apply and that it clearly puts forward your professional objectives. A targeted resume is therefore a much more personal resume, where one doesn't try to show that one knows how to do several things but rather that one is the person the company needs for this position.

The benefits of writing a targeted resume

Writing in a personalized and targeted way has several advantages:

- stand out among the other candidates by showing that their training, their professional experience or their qualities and skills correspond to their position
- define your career goals and ambitions
- guide your career
- give a positive image to the recruiters by showing them that they correspond in every respect to the candidate they are looking for.

The disadvantages of a targeted resume compared to a generalist or standard resume

When writing a targeted resume, the trap may be to want to stick at any price to the job offer to which one responds, by resuming the terms of the advertisement for example or word for word the values ​​of the company. So you have to know how to customize your resume ... while keeping your personality! When writing, keep in mind that this resume is above all yours and that you write it with your words.

How to write a targeted resume

A targeted resume is thought and built at each stage of writing the curriculum vitae. From personal profile to hobbies, through training, work experience and extra-professional activities, it's important to ask each time what information is worth mentioning and which ones don't have a real interest in the coveted position. In this way you will write a resume that looks like you and highlights while highlighting your strengths and skills for the job in question.

For example, for an IT engineer position, it's important to highlight the software you have mastered in the skills and training you have followed. For a fashion stylist position, your inspirations and interests will be particularly important. In addition if you have multiplied the courses with different brands of fashion, it will have to appear clearly on your resume by creating for example a section dedicated to these courses .

Define your professional career and your goal

Writing a targeted or personalized resume is first and foremost an opportunity to review your career and reflect on the meaning you want to give to your career and your career goals. By reflecting on what you have accomplished so far and what you want to do next, you can more easily sort through the information in your resume to keep only the essentials and what is really relevant to achieve your goals. For example, if you want to become an actor today, that you attended a theater school but that before that you had made a business school and thus carried out internships in this field, as a salesman for example, this It may not be worth mentioning these courses on your resume. On the other hand, if you follow drama classes since your childhood,

A targeted resume as soon as you hook

A targeted resume is thought and written from beginning to end ... and so it starts with the hook! Indeed, you can decide to write a personal profile at the top of your resume, to summarize your professional project and highlight your qualities and skills. This is actually the best way to direct your resume and therefore customize it for a particular job or business!

Look after your vocabulary

The vocabulary and words used must be particularly well-thought through when writing a targeted resume. If you respond to a job offer, take the time to read this ad: the skills that are required, the qualities required ... You can then more easily make links with your own path and highlight the most important information . Also choose a positive vocabulary that uses the same themes as the announcement, without repeating the same formulations. For example, if the job offer mentions "We are looking for a candidate to work in a team on projects (...)", put in your qualities "sense of collective".

In the case of a spontaneous application, you can do the same by taking the time to read and study the values ​​of the company.

Our advice

Although this is not mandatory, writing a targeted resume is a real asset in that it will highlight experiences, training, skills or qualities corresponding to the position. It's important to think about it!

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