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What is in a Personnel File?


A personnel file is prepared by an employer or a staff officer, such as a staff officer. This file contains various details of a specific staff member who is employed by a company. in a personnel file a company keeps track of how the employee concerned functions and whether there are certain areas for improvement.

Personnel file is important

A lot of data comes together in a personnel file. Because all important information about an employee is bundled in the personnel file, it's an important file. If it's right for an employer to ensure that the file is compiled, the employer will start to work as soon as it has been decided to hire a certain employee.

Companies can lay a good foundation by creating a personnel file on time. There are, in fact, various external bodies such as the tax authorities that would like to know certain details of employees. When applying for dismissal, for example, the authority wants to know the reason for dismissal and what actions an employer has taken to improve the employee's behavior. It's therefore important that the file is in order. even if an employee has already left the service, an employer can ask questions from external authorities. Therefore, personnel files must be kept in order and kept for a number of years.

What does a personnel file consist of?

A personnel file consists of the following components:

  • Personal information.
  • Copy of proof of identity (passport or ID card).
  • Social security number / citizen service number.
  • Cover letter, CV and motivation.
  • Copies of diplomas and certificates.
  • Name and address details: name, address, place of residence and telephone number(s), date of birth, place of birth and marital status.
  • Bank or giro account number
  • Work permit if it concerns a foreign employee who needs a work permit.
  • Legal status.
  • Employment contract containing the written and signed agreements.
  • Signed internal rules if applicable
  • Job description of the position in which the employee works.
  • Promotion in case the employee has grown.
  • Reports of appraisal interviews and performance appraisals.
  • Agreements about courses and followed courses.
  • Reprimands, fines, warnings.
  • Career development such as transfer (both horizontal and vertical transfer).
  • A part for miscellaneous in which other data can be stored such as special achievements and rewards.

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