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Job Enrichment


In its initial proposal, work enrichment extends two functions:

l) Examine and determine which positions would be subject to modification.
2) Study and design possible motivators within these tasks.

It involves, on the one hand, converting the tasks of the subjects into more interesting tasks, of greater challenge and responsibility; as well as incorporate more opportunities for recognition, achievements, promotions, etc., of the individual.

"The enrichment of work is ultimately a motivational strategy of change, both of the work and of the attitudes and behaviors of the subjects."

It's not a simple strategy, and its results are not always predictable; when it's effective, it produces more permanent and lasting changes than those obtained with other strategies. It also generates many optimal work characteristics: quality, autonomy, identity ...

The main objectives of this technique are:

- Increase interest and job satisfaction.
- Increase the autonomy and desire to achieve the person.
- Make the most of man's potential resources.
- Promote individual development and promotion.

When we want to carry out an enrichment of the work we have to consider the different dimensions or burdens that the work in which we are going to develop said technique has; Therefore, we must take into account whether enrichment is taking place in a horizontal, vertical or both work dimension simultaneously.

a) If we are facing a case of horizontal enrichment we would have to think about an increase in the number of functions to perform in a task but introducing elements or responsibilities of the same level. With this we will get a better use of your work capacity and a greater degree of self-realization.

b) On the other hand we can talk about a vertical work load when complexity is increased with functions of rank or level higher than the initial task.

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