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What Keywords Do Employers Look For in a Resume


To write an effective resume and get the job of your dreams, some keywords and key phrases can help you make it more attractive, read them well for writing better resume!

10 Resume Keywords are Important For Employers

Sometimes an automated recruitment software scans these keywords to sort through applications. The professional social network LinkedIn publishes each year a list of its 10 "Buzzwords", that's to say, the keywords most used by candidates. Because even if your resume isn't screened by robot software, these key words or phrases can also attract the eye of recruiters when they read your resume! It's therefore important to have them in mind when you create it.

1 - Specialized

Faced with the large number of applications for the same job, candidates seek at all costs to stand out by highlighting their specialties ... a technique that seems to be appreciated by recruiters, since in 2018, it's the word "Specialized" that appeared at the top of LinkedIn's buzzwords. In fact, in order to sort out all the candidates, recruiters are looking more and more for specialized profiles in a particular field or field of expertise. On your resume, don't hesitate to specify your specialties if you have some. For example: "video game developer specialized in Unity software". This will only catch the eye of the recruiters!

2 - Expert

Going hand in hand with the idea of ​​"specialty", the experts are also increasingly popular with recruiters, who often look for candidates with advanced knowledge or skills in a field. This may be, for example, an expert lawyer in insurance law or an expert communications director in the automotive sector. In any case, if you have expertise, it's important to mention it in your resume. And don't forget to mention the professional experiences or training that prove this expertise!

3 - Passionate

To have motivated employees, it's often necessary to have employees ... passionate! Indeed, passion and motivation often go hand in hand and that's why recruiters are sensitive to candidates who mention that they are passionate about a field or sector of activity on their resume. If this is your case, don't hesitate to say it! You can also tell it from your personal profile or hangs. For example: "Passionate about aeronautics, I'm looking for a position of safety engineer in this field (...)"

4 - Experience

Know that professional experience is highly valued, often even more than training!. The proof also with the keyword "experienced" that comes in third place buzzwords most used on LinkedIn. It's therefore particularly important to take care of the section concerning your professional experience when you make your resume, and specially don't hesitate to write that you're experienced in a field when it's the case. For example: "With a 5 years experience in the haute couture sector, I'm looking for a stylist position (...)".

5 - Creativity and innovation

Most of the time, employers are looking for candidates who are going to be different from the employee profiles they already have and bring a plus to the company. So being "innovative" or "creative" are important qualities and highly appreciated by recruiters! The use of one or the other of these words may vary according to the sector in which a postulates. We will ask more a commercial agent to be "innovative" while a graphic designer will certainly have to be "creative". In any case, show on your resume that you don't miss any ideas and that you'll benefit the company!

6 - Leadership and management

Particularly important if you're looking for a position of manager, director or manager of a team, the words "leadership" or "management" must absolutely appear on your resume. If you have already coached teams, say it by using phrases like "At the head of a team of 10 people (...)" or "Having managed a team of 20 people for 3 years, I was able to demonstrate leadership qualities (...).

7 - Qualified

Even if professional experience becomes more and more important and valued in France, qualification or training is always essential in a candidate's career. Thus it's important to bring up the word "qualified" or "trained" in his resume to highlight the training that has been followed. For example: "Trained in graphic arts at the Ecole Estienne in Paris, I'm now looking for a graphic design position within (...)".

8 - Motivated

Among the qualities sought by recruiters, motivation certainly appears in the first! A motivated employee will for sure be a more productive employee but also pleasant to work in a team or who will be creative. To say that you're motivated in your resume is important! You can do it right away, by writing for example: "Passionate about the world of design, I'm motivated to join a team like yours (...)".

9 - Performing

Performance is of course one of the qualities sought by recruiters in candidates. So to highlight your performance and show what you have already done, give concrete or quantified examples of results you have obtained in your previous job or work experience. It can be for example: "Having managed to increase by 20% the traffic on the Danone website, I'm good at capturing audiences on the web".

10 - Responsible

Seriousness is a quality highly appreciated by recruiters! This is why it's important to show that you're "responsible" when you write your resume, by not hesitating to use this word to support your remarks. For example: "Having been in charge of security in my previous company, I'm someone responsible who carries out his missions seriously". You can also use the phrase "having a sense of responsibility".

In any case, when writing your resume, avoid as much as possible the boat and turn phrases that have the effect of exasperating recruiters. "I'm dynamic" or "My profile is off the beaten track" shouldn't appear on resumes in 2019!

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