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Why Do You Want to Work in This Company Interview Question


Let's start by knowing what the main purpose of this question is. For interviewers it's interesting to see the degree of commitment of a candidate and what are their expectations of travel in the company . They want to check the ability to connect with the values, mission and spirit of the company. For this reason, it's important that you be able to build a good story that tells how you will join the project. A good response will be the one that manages to tell a good story where the most important elements of the plot are integrated and that these go in relation using a positive language.

We will not get tired of emphasizing the importance of preparing the interview . Answering this open question requires focusing on a few points so as not to go around the bush and that the story is blurred. For this it's essential that you do a research work on the presence on the Internet and specially in social networks. In these communication strategies, much of the company's values ​​are distilled (beyond being included in the “who we are” of the corporate website) and the relationship they seek with the client. It's about the brand image . The marketing strategy doesn't always have to do with the sample of the product for sale but sometimes it isfocused on publicizing the values ​​with which the company identifies .

In this sense, you can take a look at the projects they have in CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). From research on these actions you can find information to spin fine because they are projects in which the company has an interest because it believes that it has something to contribute related to the values ​​to which it wants to be linked .

Where to start

In this story that you will have to build, start by making it clear that you have been informing yourself and point out three aspects of the company that you think are worth highlighting . It can be from the success of a particular campaign, to the good image you have as an employer or the innovative vision of the sector you contribute.

Then choose three qualities of your personality that you can link to the company's values . From the commitment to customers (customer orientation), the desire to do things well, stay tuned for innovation. Willingness to face new challenges. Keep up to date with news in the sector, commitment to update knowledge. Achieve goals with day-to-day work, know how to integrate into teamwork. For example: One of my qualities is the strong commitment that I acquire with the assigned responsibility since I understand that it's part of the duty that, in turn, the company has with the client.

Choose a product or service offered by the company and adapt it to any of your learning related to work experience. It will be a way to show with a practical example, how you could join the company. It will be an excellent way to link your resume with the company in the story.

As a general idea, always try to answer in the first place points such as what you can contribute, how to join the team and how you could do it . Leave for the end questions such as what the company can bring you, professional growth, specialization, acquire know-how, expand network of contacts, internationalization possibilities, ... to build a discourse in which to put yourself in value taking into account the needs of the company.

Some advices

Avoid saying that you want to work to get money, because you have not worked for a long time, because you couldn't stand your former boss anymore ... This gives a negative image of you and your attitude towards problems.

Make them feel your commitment and enthusiasm through your story without flattering or exaggerating in an empty way. To do this, think of a collaborative relationship where both parties provide very positive aspects for the other.

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