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Write a Job Description to Attract the Most Promising Talent


Have you ever hired the wrong person for a job? Perhaps you didn't write an effective job description. The main goal of the recruitment process is to attract the right people for the right functions. But it starts well before selecting a resume.

Attracting the best talent is easier when you know exactly what the vacancy is and what that information can be in the job profile.

The job profile includes a job description, with all the necessary details (job title, department, main responsibilities,...), and gives the candidate an idea of ​​the personal qualities and experience required for the position.

Here are some things to include in a job profile:

- The title and location of the position
- The department / manager of the collaborator
- The main responsibilities and objectives
- Salary scale and benefits
- The relational skills desired
- The desired level of training

Avoid using jargon that could be understood within your company, but that could be misunderstood by outsiders.

Company presentation

The job profile is often the first impression a candidate has of your company. The message must therefore broadly reflect the identity and culture of the latter.

A poorly written job profile can be off-putting; a badly arranged text page may give the impression that the workplace is poorly organized. On the other hand, a clear, concise and well-presented profile can give a good image of your company.

Attract the best talent

In addition to informing candidates about the job, the job profile must attract the attention of top talent. What distinguishes your organization from your competitors? How does your position stand out from similar jobs elsewhere? You need to ask yourself these questions when writing a job profile, since the candidates also ask them.

Compensation also comes into play here; even a small advantage can influence a candidate's decision. Make sure they are visible.

Think long term

Many candidates are more attracted to a position that allows them to progress. If you plan to offer training and development opportunities, it's worth mentioning that there is a possibility of promotion. Good candidates seek a position that allows them to develop a company that commits to them from the beginning of the working relationship.

Think about the best person for the job rather than the type of person you want to hire. If it's important that the values ​​of an employee are in line with those of your company, it's also essential that it be as productive as possible.

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