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Writing a Featued Cover Letter


A cover letter is a short introductory text that provides the recruiter with relevant information about you, your experience and your interest in the position. Currently the most common is to send it by email attaching the resume.

The main purpose of this is to make the recruiter feel interested in reading your resume; Simply put, your cover letter is a promotional advertisement for yourself, and is intended to sell you to the company.

It is common for companies to ask you to send your resume by email, in this case there is a decisive aspect when obtaining an interview: we are talking about the cover letter.

For a recruiter, the fact that you take the time to write a short presentation means that you have read the vacancy and analyzed why you may be a potential candidate. Therefore, we want to give you some tips to start your process on the right foot.

5 tips to write featured cover letter

Read the below tips that could increase your chances to get hired from the first time

1. The shorter the better.

There is no point in summarizing your resume in the cover letter; If it contains too much text, the recruiter may not have time to read it - think that in some positions there may be dozens of candidates. The idea is that the recruiter immediately takes an interest in you and identifies you as a candidate to consider. Two or three specific paragraphs should be sufficient.

2. Explode the keywords.

Be careful not to write a boring letter that doesn't say anything relevant. It should be easy to read and have attractive content, so it's recommended to include keywords such as 'sales experience' 'personnel management' 'budget management' 'customer service experience' 'SAP domain' 'Advanced English', Focus on what the company is looking for and what part of your experience and skills fit the requested profile.

Use action verbs such as develop, optimize, increase, execute, generate, monitor, plan, implement, etc. to describe the impact of your work.

3. Use bullets or heads.

A good strategy to attract the recruiter's attention to the most outstanding aspects of your profile is to use bullets — bullets — or heads, select 3 relevant aspects of your knowledge and skills that are related to what the company is looking for.

4. Show your interest in the vacancy.

Customize your cover letter to make it clear why you're interested in what they offer, to do so it's crucial that you read the vacancy carefully and identify the most important requirements. Show your enthusiasm for the position and talk about the qualities that make you a potential candidate.

5. Impeccable spelling and writing.

Do you want to get your big break and don't spend time on spelling? Anyone can have a 'finger' but if your cover letter has recurring faults and an informal style no serious recruiter will bother to read your resume. Using your word processor's proofreader is also not a guarantee of eliminating faults, it's best to make a couple of revisions and if possible ask someone else to read it.

We leave you a couple of examples of what your Cover Letter might look like:

Dear Ms. John:

My name is Frank Loris. I'm currently working as a product engineer in the automotive industry. I'm looking for new development opportunities and I'm very interested in the position that your company offers for Production Engineer.

Within my professional career highlights:

  • Extensive knowledge and experience in automotive mechanics
  • Experience in support, identification and reduction of failures and implementation of improvements
  • Responsible for new product development projects
I consider that I cover the requirements of the vacancy, I'm a person committed to work, creative and enthusiastic about new challenges, so I would like to be considered to participate in the selection process and collaborate with your work team.

I thank you in advance for your attention and I bid you farewell with a cordial greeting.


Frank Loris
Product engineer
Tel. 56 12394 5638

To whom it May concern:

I'm writing this message in response to the offer published on the OCCMundial portal for the position of Administrative Assistant.

As you can see in the attached copy of my resume, I have the required profile for the position. I have experience in file management, expense control, appointment schedule, customer service and advanced knowledge of Excel.

I'm very interested in scheduling an interview to discuss how I could positively contribute to your organization.

Without further ado for the moment I say goodbye sending you a cordial greeting

Lara Smith

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