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Writing A Job Posting


"The most important thing when advertising is the ad! It must make the job and the company attractive to the best candidates in the market"

The first rule of remembrance

The first household rule when writing a job advertisement is to approach the candidate directly, who must have insight into why they should choose your company as their new workplace.

In the vast majority of cases, as an advertising writer, you'll turn to a reader who knows nothing about the company that the advertisement is about. The vast majority of candidates will choose jobs of interest for the work area or products that the company is dealing with, but to the same extent the soft values, such as:

- Well-being with management and colleagues
- The desire for new surroundings and challenges
- Staff benefits and social events

It's therefore important that there is a good balance in the content of the job advertisement so that the position is sold at the following points:

1- Content of work, including development opportunities and career advancement.
2- Corporate culture / soft values, colleagues and, of course, the employee benefits that may be.
3- What is the candidate's competencies and where is the candidate expected to come from in business?

Very few people have been trained in copywriting

Therefore, it can often be difficult to write an ad so that it stands out from the crowd. Specially if you have a dynamic job market, where the tendency is that one would like to change jobs when something new and exciting is to happen.

This means that the candidates are looking for more information in the job vacancies they read, and they expect more about the company as a workplace.

It can be difficult to avoid blunders in a job posting. Often, ads are written too much in point form and thereby become impersonal and boring. Here is a toolbox that can make ad writing easier.


1: The heading
Always create a heading that contains the title of the job. It makes it more searchable and removes doubts about which position is offered.

By using key words for the post, you can search engine optimize your ad to make it easier to find on, for example, Google's search engine.

2: Introduction
Start pretty short with basic info: Where is the job geographically, is it full-time or part-time? Then come with a brief introduction to the company, though not facts about turnover, products or company size. Here it's better to get some pointers about what is offered in the job and what makes the company a good workplace, including culture, colleagues and values. Please write the text directly to the candidate so that it addresses the most central person in the candidate's world: Himself! If the candidate's wishes are illuminated, there will be greater motivation to apply for the job.

3: What is offered to the candidate - "We offer ..."
What makes your business special? You only have 10-15 seconds to catch the interest of the passive job seeker. Therefore, it's important to emphasize what you offer from the start, both in terms of professional and personal development, but also in relation to continuing education, careers, colleagues, surroundings and other things.

4: Person profile - "We imagine you ..."
Try to imagine what makes the applicant something special. Who do you want to hire? And where is the idea that the candidate comes from in the job market? What can the candidate's background be? Education? Current job? Personality? This makes it easier for the candidate to familiarize himself with the position offered.

5: Job content / tasks - "Your job"
When describing the fixed tasks, it's fine to write them in point form. It makes it easy to see what the job is about. However, if one has to explain why the job is exciting, don't use point form. Don't write parent terms or threats that the candidate doesn't get useful information from. Instead, describe in free text what makes the job interesting, and what exactly can be of development and career development - a nd all other things that make it interesting to apply for the job.

6: Formalia
Remember to write to which the application should be sent, for example. email, links or other. Also add a link to the company's website, where the candidate can read more about the company. It's also a good idea with contact information for the person in charge of the post so that the candidate can ask questions to that person.

7: Recognition
Working languages, type and length of contract and geographical location are most important to the candidates, and not as you might think, wages and bonuses. Candidates would like to have challenges in their jobs, recognition and good colleagues. The more soft values ​​are thus important.

The acclaimed tone of the job advertisement is therefore more important than most companies go and believe. If you manage to include that parameter in the ad writing, there is thus a greater chance that the candidates will look your way.

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