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Writing a Promotional Resume


You have been in the same job for a long time. Your work life needs new airs, but changing companies isn't enough, you want a promotion. Getting a promotion isn't always easy, as you move up the career ladder the number of available positions is less. Few will be the lucky ones to get one. That is why, more than ever, it's important to "put all the meat on the grill" and make all the good work you've done so far reflected on your resume .

How to write a resume for getting a job promotion

What are the requirements of the position you're applying for?

Find out what are the necessary skills for the position you aspire to. Are leadership skills important? Is any specific certification necessary? To find out, ask people who are occupying that position, research on LinkedIn profiles to find out what roles those who occupy that type of positions perform, and take a good look at the requirements of the job offers.

Write your experience thinking about the new position

When describing the roles you have performed in previous jobs, you should do so by highlighting those that are relevant to the position you want to promote. So, for example, if in your current position you have managed a team for a specific project for 6 months, put it on your resume if the position you're seeking requires leadership skills.

Show your skills

Show your skills, even if you have not yet demonstrated them in the strictly professional field. For example, if leadership skills are required for the new job, but you have never had a team in charge in the professional field, show other situations in which you have been a leader: captain of the soccer team, organizer of a conference , volunteer team leader of a local NGO ...

Express your interests explicitly

Accompany your resume with a good cover letter and / or enter the professional profile section. You must explain your interest in the position and why you're the ideal candidate. A couple of sentences will be enough.

Show your career progression

If you've promoted for positions before, show that progression on your resume. It's valued as something positive that a candidate has obtained a promotion within the same company in the past. After all, if the company you were working for has entrusted you with a superior position, it will be because you have proven your worth.

Don't underestimate the power of a good resume in internal promotions

If you aspire to an internal promotion and have been asked for a resume, write it as if it were one to send to an external company. Don't take it for granted that they already know what you do at your job. It's very likely that some of the people who value you for the position don't know it. And even if they know your work well, don't expect them to remember all your achievements, put them on your resume.

Go for the promotion! Good luck!

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